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School workshops for young audiences

School workshops for young audiences

Musical awakening

Last but not least, for schools, playful early-learning workshops for children aged 2-5… with or without their parents! Young and old alike will be able to sing along, discover all kinds of original instruments from all over the world, use their bodies as instruments and, above all, make music for its own sake.

A fun and progressive way to learn, and a convivial way to share music and develop a taste for it.

Kindergarten Musical Awakening
Musical awakening for parents and babies

Éveil musical danse

Éveil Danse is a fun way to learn dance while working on the body through psychomotricity: the interactions between perception, thought and memory, motor skills, autonomy, relationships with others, rhythm and posture. 

All this is applied in games, with or without sensory and colorful elements such as scarves, hoops… to stimulate the various senses. 

We respect children’s development according to their age and level.

Brazilian dance Maternelle
World dance Kindergarten

Brazilian music

In school Brazilian percussion workshops, participants discover the music of Brazil by playing simple rhythms. 

The youngster discovers music in a playful, oral way, singing the rhythmic phrases and then playing them on the instruments by mimicry. 

The group spirit is very present in this workshop, where everyone can find their place among the instruments of the batucada. It’s Brasil carnival!

How to use Brazilian percussion
Brazilian music

World dance

Playful bodywork in Latin, Brazilian, Flamenco, African, Oriental, Indian, Hawaiian and other dances. 

This workshop develops interactions between perception, thought and memory, motor skills, autonomy, relationships with others, rhythm and posture. 

The content is playful, based on movements and choreographies with or without sensory and colourful elements such as scarves, hoops, etc. to stimulate the body’s various senses!

World dance
Brazilian dance instructions


A deep dive into the world of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines movement, singing and percussion.

Budding capoeiristas will be able to practice a few capoeira movements and songs, working on the body, postures and motor skills.

A way for children to find their place in the group, work on the notion of respect in a fun and caring way, while discovering a discipline from another culture.

Capoeira for children aged 5 and over
Capoeira instructions


Discovering theater in a playful way, having fun being someone else, finding out how to understand and express emotions, building a story, creating and interpreting characters – these are just some of the dramatic games this workshop offers children. 

Improvisation exercises will enable each child, from the shyest to the most at ease, to find their place and gain confidence in the group and in themselves.

Theater 6-8 years
Theater 8-10 years