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Our Kids/ Teens Workshops

Our Kids/ Teens workshops

Musical awakening

At last, fun early-learning workshops for 2-5 year-olds and their parents! Young and old alike can sing along, discover all kinds of instruments from all over the world, use their bodies as instruments, and above all, make music for its own sake. A fun, step-by-step learning process that helps you acquire a basic understanding of music and develop a taste for it.

World dance

Playful bodywork in Latin, Brazilian, African, Oriental, Indian, Asian dances and more. Your kids are sure to be full of energy! This workshop will enable you to discover rhythm, dance and bodily freedom, and regain awareness of your individual and collective existence!

Capoeira, circus & body expression

A deep dive into the world of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art encompassing movement, song and percussion. As well as practicing their sport, budding athletes can discover the basics of circus arts through a variety of playful movements, and explore their own body language.

Theater workshops

The young person will have the opportunity to give life to a multitude of characters during this workshop, while feeling confident in a group in which he will be free to play with his character.

Because theater is all about acting!

An end-of-year show will serve as the common thread running through this theater discovery workshop, and will also allow the children to explore improvisation.