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About us

About us

The Barraca Zem team

Contact our team on 06 95 35 92 70 / 09 51 70 09 14 or by e-mail

Or come and meet us at our premises at 38 rue d’Anvers 59000 Lille.

The story of Le Petit Théâtre bleu

Introducing Barraca Zem

La Barraca Zem is a cultural venue in Lille which opened its doors in January 2009 (on the premises of the former Zem Théâtre).

The word “barraca” comes from the Spanish or Portuguese word for small wooden kiosk. It’s also the name of Garcia Lorca’s first traveling theater. In Chti, baraque means house, and in Arabic, baraka means luck, wisdom or blessing.

It’s a place open to all, warm and lively. Tolerance, sharing, discovery, exchange, interaction… These are strong values in which we believe and which make this cosmopolitan, cultural and festive space unique in the Lille area.

It’s also the last timber-framed house in Wazemmes.

Theater presentation

Our theater is a concept whose ambition is to bring together the arts of the world in a “barraca”. Theater, music, dance, storytelling and visual arts intersect, merge and coexist in the name of cultural diversity.

Barraca Zem’s mission is to promote cultural diversity through the arts.

More than just a multicultural patchwork, it’s about creating genuine interactivity between a multiplicity of audiences and companies.

Richness is found in exchange and diversity, so we want to encourage and make possible the opening up of each person’s culture to the encounter of others.

Collectif Brésilien à demeure

The Brasil Afro Funk collective was born from the meeting of various Brazilian artists involved in music, dance and capoeira.

Together, they form a collective of artists who offer courses, workshops, shows, the preparation of a carnival bloco, …

In short, a festive, Brazilian-style dynamic!

In January 2009, the collective moved into Barraca Zem to create and develop shows, as well as offering workshops and courses.

Further information on the collective’s website:

To demonstrate their commitment, in 2009 the collective moved into the premises of a former theater in Lille’s Wazemmes district, renaming it La Barraca Zem. The space is dedicated to show preparation and rehearsals, as well as hosting classes given by the collective.

In addition to its Brazilian-themed activities, Brasil Afro Funk is the managing association of this new venue, offering an eclectic program open to all audiences.

Brasil Afro Funk is the brainchild of a globe-trotting Brazilian artist. From his encounters with other artists from Brazilian culture, Toninho Almeida, songwriter and composer, pursued his idea to its conclusion, creating the Brasil Afro Funk association in 1997. The associative structure soon evolved into a collective of Brazilian artists. Their primary motivation is to create shows, prepare events and share their love and culture of Brazil.

Since 2006, Brasil Afro Funk has been developing two distinct activities with the aim of spreading Brazilian culture to as many people as possible.

Today, the collective boasts no fewer than 11 artists, all of them professionals, natives or lovers of Brazil. In addition to the many courses offered by the association, it offers a wide range of shows, concerts and events.

Brasil Afro Funk never stops creating and innovating in terms of presentation and stage performance. The collective of passionate Brazilian artists offers itself to you, transports you and transmits to you all the Brazilian fervor.

It’s expanding its range of shows and concerts to bring out the joy and festive spirit of Brazilians, who move to the sounds and rhythms of samba, forro, bossa nova and batucada, both in music and dance. Discover all our shows here…

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