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Our Adult workshops

Our Adult workshops

Brazilian music

Between percussion and singing, here’s a chance to delve into the intricacies of Brazilian music (samba, samba reggae, forró, maracatu, etc.) via our adult workshops.

We’re offering you a friendly, unusual workshop, guaranteed to be a great time of sharing and happiness in a great atmosphere, guided by a music-mad Brazilian. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to take a trip to discover another culture!

Brazilian Portuguese

The Portuguese course is based on a dynamic, rigorous and communicative approach. Learn simply and effectively in a friendly atmosphere that will make you want to travel.

This course offers two language levels to enable you to progress at your own pace: a beginner level, and an intermediate/advanced level for people who want to deepen their knowledge of the language.

Adult discovery theater

Exploration of acting through character work, emotional interpretation, improvisation and contemporary texts.

These are the fields that participants will approach to discover themselves, gain confidence and evolve within a group in a pleasant atmosphere. They will present their work on stage at the end of the year during the Amateur Theatre Festival.

Theater creation

Deepen your theatrical practice with a new creation! Through an encounter with a universe, an author or a play, participants will work on presence, energy, availability, listening, commitment and the intelligence of the text.

Experience collective creation while finding your place as an individual. This workshop is designed for people with previous theatrical experience.

Samba Fit

Feel like doing some cardio? feel good about your body? to sculpt abs? And discover Brazil? Here’s a complete workout that will suit athletes and less athletic people alike, as it combines different elements of fitness: cardio, muscle strengthening, balance and flexibility… all to Brazilian rhythms, in a good mood and respecting everyone’s rhythm. The benefits of sport are yours!

Off-site workshop: École Viala 6 rue Viala

Samba & folk dances

A short tour of Brazil, where the Samba is king. In reality, it’s the samba, but there isn’t just one: this dance varies from one region to another, from one context to another, with many charming variations: samba carioca, samba reggae, samba de roda, samba de gafieira and many others. A short detour through the other styles present in the culture of this immense country where dance is a daily art of living. Dance and music are inextricably linked: we’ll be proposing joint projects with percussion group Banda BAF.

Off-site workshop: École Viala 6 rue Viala

African dances with Korzeam: 1 term 1 dance

African dance classes with KORZEAM: 1 term, 1 dance
The aim is to awaken the vital and group energies within us, and then develop them at the end of each term thanks to the arrival of the percussionists! 
1st quarter: Discovery of Beninese dances with Mathias Ganhounouto: undulations, clapping hands and the energies of Agojie warriors.
2nd trimester: Dances from Guinea, Mali and Senegal with Dioncounda Koité: Overflowing energy, shouting, singing and jumping techniques will be tackled and further exploited at the end of the trimester thanks to the arrival of percussion instruments.
3rd quarters: surpriiiiiise.
Intermediate course: Troupe workshop, for those who want to join Team KORZEAM ANIM and benefit from semi-professional training in team choreography and Dundundanses rhythms.