La Barraca Zem


Pre-Registration / Workshop Registration

Step 1: Pre-registration

Thank you for your interest in the Barraca Zem workshops.

To take part in a trial session, please fill in this pre-registration form!

Discovery workshop 5€. There’s no need for a paper registration form – everything is done online!

For information, the annual rates are shown in the form below. The season’s workshops run from September 19, 2022 to June 23, 2023. It is possible to start certain workshops during the year and surprise : 

promo half season since February 15 you can pay pro rata to the start date. 

We offer discounts for:

– early registrations -10€/registration during the year (calculated pro rata to start date)
– re-registration of last year’s members -€10
– Reduced rates (students, jobseekers, social minima, etc.) -20€.
– people wishing to register for two workshops -10%/three workshops -15%.

Step 2: Registration payments

Places in some of our workshops are limited, so we only take yearly registrations.
We do not accept quarterly registrations. Payment can be made in 3 instalments, starting with the course following the trial session:
– online via HelloAsso -> see form below
– by cheque or holiday/culture cheque to be given to the instructor after the 2nd session. These will be deposited at the end of October, November and December respectively, unless you specifically request otherwise.

If you register during the year, we’ll calculate your session start date, you’ll pay in full, and we’ll refund any sessions you’ve already booked. On request by e-mail with your bank details attached.
This season, everything is online, so don’t forget to fill in the registration form.

Various discount codes are available: 

(keep the page open to use the codes on Hello Asso)


– re-registration of last year’s members -10€ (code to use : EXADH

– early registration: EARLY: -10 euros free if you pay before August 31

– reduced rate : -20 euros (students, jobseekers, senior citizens, neighbors, etc.) (code to use : TR)

– duo/trio rate: -10%/-15% if you register for two/three workshops

If a code doesn’t work out, send us an e-mail with the details and your bank details, and we’ll reimburse you during the 1st quarter.

Classes start the week of September 19. The first class is a free trial session during this week. In the event of a full workshop, priority is given to members who have confirmed their registration. If, after the trial session, you do not wish to confirm your registration, we will refund your advance payment.